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Commercial Leasing and Conveyancing

We have a strong reputation established over many years for our expertise in conveying and leasing of commercial and residential premises in the Isle of Man, and our extensive knowledge of Manx Land Law.

We can assist with:
  • buying, selling and leasing (Landlord or Tenant) of
    •  commercial premises
    • office accommodation
    • industrial premises
    • shops
  • buying and selling
    • houses
    • flats and apartments
    • land
    • farmland
  • leasing and letting of residential properties
  • applications to extend leases of business premises under the Tenancy of Business Premises Act
  • advice as to legal rights and obligations under tenancies and leases
  • property disputes with neighbours
  • boundary disputes
  • Land Registration

If you are a Landlord, we can assist with:
  • preparation of
    • letting/tenancy agreements
    • leases
  • preparation and service of
    • Notices to Quit
    • Notices requiring remedial works
    • Forfeiture Notices
  • Possession proceedings